CIS1910A with sCMOS 2.0 Technology
HD (1920 X 1080) Sensor with Exceptional Dynamic Range
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Superior Low Light Image Quality
>88 dB Intra Scene Dynamic Range
100 FPS at Full HD 1080P
Rolling and Global Shutter
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The Fairchild Imaging CIS1910A is a large format HD resolution, ultra low-noise CMOS image sensor intended for applications requiring high quality imaging under extremely low light conditions. The device incorporates the next generation sCMOS2.0 technology utilizing a 5 transistor (5T), 6.5µm pixel architecture delivering greater than 50% QE.  The CIS1910A also delivers extreme low-light sensitivity with read noise less than 1.2e- RMS in Rolling Shutter and less than 4e- RMS in Global Shutter.  The sensor has two ADC channels per column with one optimized for low light levels and the other optimized for high light levels, enabling intra-scene high dynamic range of over 88dB.  The sensor supports user-programmable row start/stop control for region of interest (ROI) readout mode. The sensor is housed in a 105-pin ceramic LGA package.  These features, combined with 2.1 megapixel resolution and 100 fps imaging rates, make the CIS1910A an imaging device ideally suited for a variety of low-light-level camera applications, including:  pro-video, security/surveillance, industrial, and medical.