Focal Plane Arrays

Since the 1970s, we have been providing high-performance Fairchild Imaging focal plane arrays (FPA) for almost every conceivable imaging application. • Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) SensorsLarge Area Front illuminated CCDsTime Delay Integration (TDI) CCDsCustom Sensor solutionsLine scan devices (consult factory)Wafer scale CCDs (consult factory)Space qualified focal planes (consult factory) We are particularly renowned for our large area charge coupled device (CCD) focal planes, which provide the extraordinary and critical performance that industry requires. These high performance focal planes deliver unprecedented resolution with 16 Megapixel and even 84 Megapixel arrays. See our Large Area Front-illuminated CCDs page for more information. To bolster our CCD product offering we have recently developed the revolutionary ultra-low noise Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) technology that is opening up new possibilities in a range of marketplaces from scientific applications to security and surveillance. See our Scientific CMOS Sensors page for details on this new technology. In addition, we have a family of high performance Time Delay Integration (TDI) CCD sensors that are well suited for use in Aerospace and Hyperspectral Imaging applications. These come in a range of lengths beginning with a 6k TDI sensor all the way up to a 24k TDI sensor. See the Time Delay Integration (TDI) CCDs page for more details. If your solution cannot be found in the above sensor groups, then you may be interested in pursuing a Custom Sensor solution. We can produce novel large area CCD or ultra-low noise CMOS designs based on your unique needs. See our Custom Sensor Solutions page for more information. For information on Line Scan devices, Wafer Scale CCDs or Space Qualified focal planes, please contact Fairchild Imaging at the following email address: No matter your choice, a Fairchild Imaging focal plane array can be perfectly suited to your aerospace, industrial, security & surveillance, dental/medical or scientific imaging application.

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