Custom Sensors

Fairchild Imaging has extensive experience in the design of application-specific CCD and CMOS sensors. We have designed a range of custom products from linear arrays to TDI CCDs to wafer scale, large area sensors. Our customers range from Aerospace and Defense to Scientific, Dental, and Medical Imaging companies. The sensor types we have designed include the following: • Ultra-low Noise CMOS Sensors • Large Area Front and Back illuminated CCDs • Time Delay Integration (TDI) CCDs • Intra-Oral Dental X-ray Sensors • Extra-Oral Panoramic X-ray Sensors • Space-qualified sensors Our scientific sCMOS technology, which has a readout noise approaching one electron rms and a large dynamic range while supporting speeds up to 240 frames per second is opening up new possibilities in a range of marketplaces from scientific applications to security and surveillance. See our Scientific CMOS Sensors (link to Scientific CMOS Sensors page) page for details on the capabilities of this new technology. Contact our sales department for information on how our sCMOS technology may solve your custom imaging application. For custom Large Area Arrays we have demonstrated the ability to make large pixel and medium pixel sensor arrays for a variety of visible and x-ray applications. Our designs have supported multiple tap readout for CCD sensors and column parallel output in CMOS sensors. See our Large Area CCD Sensors page for examples of current designs. In addition, we designed Time Delay Integration (TDI) CCD sensors (link to TDI CCD sensors page) that are well suited for use in Aerospace and Hyperspectral imaging applications. These can be produced in a range of lengths and custom optical coatings can be applied to the sensor window. See the Time Delay Integration (TDI) CCDs (link to TDI sensors page) page for more details on existing designs. For a custom TDI CCD solution, please contact the factory and indicate your interest in this sensor type. Custom Sensor development is the backbone of our success. Our strength lies in our sensor development team listening to what the Customer needs and delivering tailored products that meet their demanding imaging requirements. We are here to team with you and make your imaging solution successful. Our goal is to become your premier supplier of choice for all your imaging needs.

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