Medical / Dental

Medical / Dental

Fairchild Imaging is a pioneer in digital x-ray imaging which began in the early 1980’s.  The first use of a Fairchild Imaging sensor in dental x-ray imaging was in 1988 when we developed our intra-oral sensor. Shortly thereafter we developed a line of extra-oral x-ray sensors for panoramic usage. Since that time tens of thousands of imaging assemblies using the patent protected Fairchild Imaging sensors have been supplied for both intra- and extra-oral use.

Also in the 80’s, we developed a unique way to remove the film from spot mammography machines and replace it with a digital imager (using the same Buckey cassette).  The sensor used was a large format, 6cm x 6cm CCD similar to the existing large format CCD in production today.

In addition to offering our unique sensors designs, we have extensive experience in applying fiber optics onto the surface of the sensors and then applying a range of X-ray scintillators to the surface of the fiber optic. With skilled team members and highly repeatable methods, our customers obtain a strong signal with low frequencies of defects in the image.

For new dental and medical applications, we are able to consider custom designs that leverage our key knowledge in sensors, fiber optics, scintillators, custom packaging and high volume manufacturing for FDA approved products. Listed below are examples of  products that we are currently manufacturing for key clients in high volume:

  • Intra-oral Dental X-ray imaging (exclusive products; not available for sale)
  • Panoramic Dental X-ray imaging
  • Biopsy X-ray imaging
  • Retinal Imaging
  • Corneal Imaging